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Christian Realization


God the Father is an undivided and indivisible Whole, a Pure Consciousness that fills all time and permeates all space. This makes our purpose not to find God, but to realize God's presence and to understand that this all pervading consciousness is always with us. Life flows up from the inside where the Divine Presence is springing up from within us. When we realize this, we recognize that this all-pervading consciousness is responding to us from every person, thing or event that transpires.

The Divine Presence is everywhere so let us awaken to the realization of this Presence.



When life is infused with respect and an inner communion, everything has meaning and purpose, but when reverence is lacking cruelty, violence and loneliness are observed.

Competition for power externally comes from fear, but a deeper realization leads one to love, appreciation and non judgment while engaged in the world. Jesus showed us compassion beyond the religious and ideological conflicts we see today. He showed us the way inside ourselves away from the countless suffering observed in the news.

 A beautiful surface can be created and people say they are happy, but underneath is frustration and anger. Christ opens the Christian mind to an inner calm state where happiness is expressed with a warm heart.

We can change the world by changing ourselves, cultivating good qualities from internal realization, clarity and introspection. When we are tranquil inside we begin to have a deep spiritual experience where all things have significance. Relaxation unfolds realization where the Christian mystic lives passionately committed to Christ.

Christian Religion encourages one to join a church.
Christian Philosophy encourages one to believe on a deeper level.
Christian Spirituality encourages us to experience Christ and his ever present consciousness, opening our eyes and minds to live passionately committed to Christ, living every moment of our life with motivation and enthusiasm.


In the higher layers of the mind we realize that there can be one pure consciousness in all things before we feel and see it because we permit our minds to reach out to everything with a feeling of unity and peace. This feeling of love permits adoration to flow through the mind to embrace the entire world. It seems a metamorphosis of consciousness occurs at this point activating a more powerful stream of spiritual energy (grace) that enables the mind to transcend normal limits. We can then transcend the highest intellect because our reason starts to comply with our intuition. At this mental stage of Herculean achievement we build the foundation for the mind and the last stage of love. It seems as we go deeper the mind expands until it makes connections and becomes one. We are no longer separate or apart, but one in a higher consciousness of love. 


 Christian Mysticism


Settling in the soul is not going into a trance because there is no opposition between the natural and supernatural, we are just witnessing the finite and infinite together with reverence. It is an inclusive state of consciousness and not an exclusive one so we cannot say it belongs to one religion alone as it is a part of the human experience. Mysticism is rooted deep in many religious traditions, but is hard to define because it is beyond the senses and has different meanings for everyone that practices it. When the mind is quiet and the senses no longer bother it, we start to fill up with the Love of Oneness that is experienced spontaneously within and without. This birth of Unity is always happening, but the slightest appearance of desire and one is carried away from the state of Unity consciousness, but then again when desires disappear our personality again gets lost in the Unity of all Life. Unity does not wipe out or work against the world; instead, it puts emphasis on bringing it and everything together. In the heart of every Christian, Christ comes and goes as we rest in our vast, deep limitless soul because when we are able to remove our individuality, he is able to make his presence known and his will is able to prevail without our ego getting in the way. To be familiar with this experience is peace and in its absence a large amount of activity is triggered by our sense of self with a variety of interruptions of every kind. Christ walked on water during a storm where the waves were forcing the boat up and down, but Jesus was at peace. Walk with Our Lord and there is peace, but we can’t force ourselves into this experience because it is a state of grace. We can ride the wave up and down that is our choice and sooner or later a period in life comes where we would rather escape the motion sickness in peaceful reflection with the Lord. Surf the waves with Christ as an individual personality and enjoy the ride, and when the waves are not enough we can always dive deep within contemplation to acquire new wisdom and understanding. Force is not an issue as it is not a path of Inquisition, but a road of Christian enlightenment where in silent thought we go on a spiritual journey through the mountains, valleys, jungles, oceans and deserts of our mind. Christ consciousness is a well-deserved vacation beyond time, space and words; therefore, words cannot describe it, they can only point and hint at the different levels of consciousness that can be reached spiritually. Surf the waves if you enjoy that, and dive under them when they get too strong because there is a place inside where we can drown our pain in the sea of joy. If there is a war inside then make peace in order to form a new concept of life, which helps form a new humanity in the individual, Christian or community setting. We are lucky to have a scripture that is not so much as facts, but as a record directing us inward to an experience with Christ that is beyond the mind. It starts out as a hypothesis that needs to be proven and substantiated in the laboratory of our mind and if peace comes around our intuition will illuminate the path to a new wisdom and understanding in the soul. We are not able to control everything that goes on outside so that is not where misery begins because it is an inside job where we control what goes on; consequently, the misfortune of life is not what happens to us, but what we let happen inside while we are living. No one can teach us to be spiritual because it grows from the inside out similar to a towering exquisite tree where we can’t see the roots that are underground, underneath the surface where we are inspired to stand up and reach for happiness.